martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Please, Boss me around!

The Monthly Stitch challenge for March is called 'Miss Bossy Patterns' and I couldn't be more thrilled with this challenge.

During the month of March, which happens to be my birthday month, I will have to sew a pattern from my stash that I haven't used before, and the best part is, you can decide which pattern it will be.

So, without further ado, the nominees for Miss Bossy Patterns 2014 are:

Vogue 8727

Made up in this beautiful birdy fabric that I have been saving since my London trip during the summer of 2012

McCall's 5974 - out of print
The Perfect Knit Dress, according to McCall's

Made up in this out of this world pink/purple (my husband says I'm colourblind...) shiny knit, scooped up during our sewist-meetup in Bilbao in December.

La Maison Victor Adventure Jacket
Selfless sewing. I would make this jacket from a new Belgian sewing magazine for one of the monsters in my house (probably my husband) and I would make it in this reversible knit.

So, help me make a decision what to make for the March challenge. But don't worry if I don't make your favourite in March, I probably will soon...

The lines are now open, until 28 February 2014 - CET.

Thanks for your help! I also have a few projects to show you, pictures will be taken and posts written soon!

14 comentarios:

  1. I'm choosing the Vogue pattern! Looks like a beautiful dress!

  2. Voted for you instead of selfless sewing. It looks like I am not alone. Can't wait to see it

  3. Knit dress, knit dress - that fabric is amazing!

  4. Oh my! I voted for the wrap dress in sparkles because BIRTHDAY! :)

  5. That birdie fabric must be used! And the dress you suggest in perfect for it. And selfless sewing .. really?? ;-)

  6. Lol! Make it for a monster :)

  7. not sure what's up with my avatar - seems to have stolen a piccie of Chris...

  8. Both of your first two selections are in my pattern stash, too--great minds must think alike! Though I haven't selected either of them for the bossy challenge. My vote is for the Vogue dress--so versatile, and the fabric you've chosen is fab.

  9. Definitely the Vogue 8727 me - and may I suggest piping to help show off those waistband details

  10. Must have birdies!!!!!! and i love the pattern

  11. I'm a HUGE sucker for birdie fabric, so you know which one I voted for!

  12. Voto por el vestido de los pájaritos, te va a quedar genial.