lunes, 18 de mayo de 2015

Sewaholic Granville Shirt

La version en español se encuentra aquí.
It took forever to get these pictures taken. A bit of sunshine and warmth is long overdue...

For this shirt, I found my inspiration with Madonna... I think I'll leave the cape for another day, but I have always loved her look in this video: -not to mention COWBOYS-

Damn, now I need a black leather shirt...
I love sewing shirts, I don't particularly like wearing shirts. But I love my new belt and wanted a shirt that goes with it. Behold, the logic of my brain.


Enter the Sewaholic Granville Shirt. I love the apparent simplicity of the shirt, but between the princess seams on the back, the two-piece collar and the sleeves with cuffs and plackets, it still provides a challenging sewing experience and the end result is a great classic shirt.


I knew from my Cambie that the fit would be great, made for girls with a pear-shaped body, just like me... I cut a straight size 10, which comes closest to my actual measurements. I think the back is maybe a bit wide, but all in all I like the fit as is, and it gives me enough room to move my arms in all directions when I'm dancing around in my living room.


I wanted a Wild West style shirt so I chose this burgundy red cotton dotted with little stars. I added two breast pockets but didn't add the flaps.
I also put french seams throughout the entire shirt. It gives a really neat finish overall and you don't end up with ugly exposed seams when rolling up your sleeves.

Tasia doesn't use the normal way of putting on the collar. I followed the directions that came with the pattern, and the result is a really nice collar, but it doesn't look better than my normal way (which is to put the collar together entirely and then sew one side of the collarstand to the shirt and then handsew or topstitch the inner collarstand in place) and I was really confused, so next time I will just do it the old fashioned way... I am a creature of habit...
So this is it, my new shirt. And I love it. Love looking at it and love wearing it!
Now all I need are boots. And a horse.