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Indie Pattern Month 2013 - and some finished Indie Pattern House Slippers

Mel and Kat decided to declare June 'Indie Pattern Month' to show them our love. A lot of love is already being thrown to all those great Indie Pattern companies, but a whole lotta love never killed anybody.

Just click the badge in the sidebar to go to the sign-up page.

I decided to jump on the wagon, because I have just completed 3 Colette Patterns and I loved them! The little booklets are just such a joy to look at, and the care and love and dedication that goes into these patterns just oozes right of the pages. I like the patterns of the big patternmakers too, but there is a lot less personality in their endproduct, and thus less attraction for the consumer.

Confession time: I am a pattern-hoarder in the making - I am working on my collection. I love patterns even more than fabric. Don't know why, I just do.

Let me show you my pattern and sewing bookcollection:

 That is an orange-crate full of books and patterns and a big binder full of internet-patterns and tutorials. 10 years ago I inherited cardboard boxes full of sewing magazines like Burda, but I donated all those to my sewing class teacher because I was still living with my parents and my mom didn't like all those boxes lying around...

And these are my Indie-patterns, very few but also a collection in the making, including 2 books by Belgian Sew-Heroins - Allemaal Rokjes (Just Skirts) by Mme ZsaZsa and Stof voor Durf-het-Zelvers (Fabric for DIY'ers - Dare it Yourself'ers).

And I have more on my harddrive, but that's too hard to show...

Patterns that I don't have but would love to own:

Papercut Watson Jacket      **** JUST GOT THESE****
Colette's Crepe
Deer and Doe Bleuet - that and everything else they sell
Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers
StyleARC Pippa's Dress  - I would be happy with Pippa's backside too.
Papercut Rite of Spring Shorts - I guess I would need Pippa's backside for this first     ***JUST GOT THESE TOO (the pattern, not the butt)***
Victory Patterns Simone   

And then some...

I already finished my pledged work: House Slippers!

I went from THIS - these look like smurfboots:


I made Kimono House Slippers from IThinkSew.
Made from remnants in my scrap pile, so they were kind of free... Yay!
Mine don't look nearly as put together as those on the website (maybe I should press them?), but hey, they're house slippers, so who cares anyway, right?!

Now for the most important question: are they comfortable? Not really... I need to insert an elastic band in the heel section because they fall off when I walk, the inlay-soles are really uncomfortable because they shift around so I will be stitching those down or just leave them out entirely. They do seem to be more wearable without the soles.
I like the fact that they are made of cotton, which is huge progress compared to the polyester fur that lines my old slippers... Sweaty feet, anyone?
These new slippers will make for great sewing slippers! I'm already used to wearing them!

Oh no, what is happening here?

The new slippers are approaching their enemies
And kick their butts!

And now on to the next project... Here is a tip:


Is it a six-pack, blinding, shining white teeth, being a cover model or being a teenage idol that I aspire? What could it possibly be?

4 comentarios:

  1. Hehe, could it be the shirt? ;)
    Those house slippers are so adorable, I think I need some just like those. And the fluffy ones look perfect for winter.

    1. We'll soon find out, but you might be in the right direction...

  2. Ahh your wishlist of indie patterns is very good and it seems like you are already a big indi pattern fan but you are right,a whole lota love never hurt anyone! :)

    1. Hi Mel, I have so much love left to give, you have no idea... ;-)
      This week my Deers and Does and my Papercuts arrived... The Bleuet dress is ready to be cut and I'm waiting on a Folkwear pattern too...