domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

a Winter Peony

When I went shopping for my Poncho-skirt, I found a gorgeous piece of green wintery bouclé on the remnants table for 10€. SCORE! I knew I had to make a dress out of this! And here it is.

My second Peony. After the crazy flamingo's, this one is a little more subdued, I would even dare to say it looks classy (untill I put it on, all class vanishes in an instant, because I am not frail and fragile, but firm).
But it still is a nice dress. 

I should have made an alteration to the front darts and taken out some excess fabric at the neck, but I didn't. For one obvious reason: Laziness, my favourite pastime.

I did make a few changes to the construction. 
1. I repositioned the zipper to the left side seam. I don't know why patterns call for zippers center back. I for one hate them.
When I lean back in a chair, the zipper starts to hurt and maybe I am not nimble enough, but I can't manage to open or close a zipper on the back on my own. It always ends with me in tears curled up the wrong way around on the bathroom floor in a very abnormal bodyspasm, trying to reach the tiny, tiny zipper pull on the back.

2. Because of the side zipper, I only have one pocket. One pocket is better than no pocket. I know I said last time that the pocket didn't do anything special for me, that I was impartial toward it, but since then, I have totally changed my mind - what can I say, I'm a girl! Pockets in all dresses PLEASE!

3. I made a full lining for this dress, because wool bouclé is itchy. Big time. The lining doesn't eliminate all the itchyness, but most of it.
I bought the lining in a little fabric store here in Santander. It cost me 15€ (yes, more than the bouclé) and it is some sort of cheap polyester that I really, really hate. But it gets the job done...

The dress was put to the test in Barcelona and it held up perfectly! Luscious breakfast, walking through the rain - a lot of rain, museum visit and flight home. I love this dress. I feel very ME in it. And that is always an important consideration.

And now because I think there are more interesting things than my dresses I give you Sun, Sea, Surfers and Palm Trees. The weather has been so great the last few weeks, I wanted to share... And because the above pictures are the only ones I have that are decent. Time for my photographer/husband to get back home from his trip.

10 comentarios:

  1. Your peony is gorgeous!!!! Love the fabric, it goes with everything :-) I have the colette sewing book full of patterns and I have only sewn a couple of them yet... I have to give it a try!

  2. Lovely! You look great in your new dress, and let me add, the photos are gorgeous! I hope there is such nice weather at Xmas time! I´ll be there!

  3. Aahh Wendy, gorgeous dress! And you DO look very classy in it, you silly woman!
    Nice bow belt too... :) I love it
    In fact I think this is your best make this year. The color is beautiful and it suits you so well. Lovely fabric... yes! (I want one just like that!)

  4. Lovely! your dress looks really great. That bottle green is a gorgeous colour for winter, I can see it working well with everything! :)

  5. I love the colours and shape of your dress - it's a win! As for back zips - you made me laugh, but I know what you mean!

  6. Hi Maider, thanks! I have the Colette book too, but haven't made anything from it yet. I really liked the blouse you made from it!

  7. Hey Merche, thanks! I hope the nice weather sticks around until after the holidays! Hope you have a nice trip to Santander!

  8. Hi Rachel, thanks! I think you might be right, this definitely is up on the best makes I have shown here (there are 2 more that I really really love, but no pictures yet...)
    This is actually the only belt I own, but it goes with most of my clothes and I hardly ever wear a belt, so I guess I don't need any more...

  9. Hi Carolyn, thanks! And you are right, the green goes with practically everything... I never thought of green as a neutral colour but after this dress I think it might be...

  10. Hi Philippa, thanks! The Peony dress is a great basic shape! Change the fabric or colour and you have a completely different dress, that's why I love the pattern so much. And back zips... I think those have their origins when women were still wearing corsets and had 3 maids to help them lace them up... 21st century women should be able to get dressed alone without crying, but that's just my opinion ;-)