martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

Something more important than sewing

Free the Arctic 30

I know, I know, another call to sign a petition. Another person preaching...

But the events taking place in Russia really grabbed me by the throat and I can't seem to shake it of. It makes me sad that it is possible that this is happening and it makes me so angry at the same time, seeing how much power and influence big money (be it oil companies or food/GMO companies or financial institutions) has over our world and our lives. The world that we LIVE in and that we can hopefully still pass on to next generations and the lives that we lead and that are getting harder and harder for more and more people while companies get government protection acts passed and make more and more profits.

We all know that our planet is in danger. I like to think that by sewing our own clothes, we all are learning that cheap RTW-clothes are not only bad for the people who work in the sweatshops, but that we are also seeing that cheap disposable goods that turn to garbage after seeing the washing machine once not only create a lot of waste, but that their entire production process is also a strain on our environment. And I also like to think that making something ourselves, makes us more aware of quality and sustainability and fair trade, not only when it comes to clothing, but to everything we buy, from oranges and pumpkins to shoes and dresses to furniture and cars.

Two weeks ago, peaceful protestors of Greenpeace tried to climb a GAZPROM oil-rig drilling for oil in the Arctic, one of the few untouched wildernesses left in our world. Their ship was illegaly entered by the Russian Coast Guard in International Waters, and they have been brought to Murmansk, where they have not been charged with a crime yet but they have been detained for 2 months, while Russian authorities investigate if these peaceful protestors should be charged with piracy, although this too seems like it is a far stretch of current International Law. Now, legal experts are stating that entering the Arctic Sunrise and towing them to Murmansk was an illegal action in itself, but Russian Authorities don't seem to mind that...

Now, I know I don't have a lot of followers, but if all of you could take the time to read about this and if you think that what is happening isn't right, then please send an email to the Russian Embassy in your country and let them know that we, the people, have a right to protest! Every voice counts!

So, speak up, and let them know that you think that peaceful protesting is our right, and that nobody should be locked up for protecting what is left of our natural world!

Read about all the events here and send a message to the Russian Embassy in your country here! You can even tweet about it here if you are inclined to spread the word further...

Microphone off, Preaching over. I'll be back with more sewing related posts soon, just to make up for this one!

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  1. Hola Wendy! Super post. Je hebt gelijk, als ieder van ons zijn/haar steentje bijdraagt, dan zal het leven in onze Aarde beter en betekenisvol zijn. Bedankt voor deze artikel.