viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

TNT M6044 - Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose...

My husband is a very lucky man ! (FYI This is sarcasm, I honestly don't understand how he puts up with me and my whims day in day out, I know I wouldn't, I guess he's some kind of saint...)

In the last half year I have made 4 shirts, 2 which you already saw, 2 I am about to reveal right now.

First of all, the winning shirt.

A while ago, the man who holds my heart came home with a surprise. He had just bought fabric for a shirt...
I bet they don't see that too often in any fabric shop, a man on the prowl...
As a non-sewer, he did not pay any attention to any of the following aspects: slipperiness, fraying, fabric type,... Needless to say, this fabric was slippery, fraying like hell and is of an undefined content. Oh, and to top it all off, it's a plaid. That is 4 out of 4 aspects I hate in fabrics. Well done, dear!
I should have told him to forget about it, but I am a weak little bird, especially because everyday I get fed delicious home-cooked meals and I don't have to do my own laundry... A shirt once in a while is just levelling the score, I guess, sort of...

I remembered all my good intentions of last time I made this shirt, and cut the back yoke, pocket, button placket, sleeve placket and cuffs on the bias.
For the collar attachment I used this idea and changed the order of construction, and for the collar assembly I used this tutorial. To my surprise, I made this work! Never going back to my old method!

The plaid matching on the front is not 100% acurate, but because of the bias cut placket, it doesn't really show (except I notice it and cringe every time I see it). Ward is happy with his shirt, so that makes it SCORE! 

We're enjoying this Indian Summer for as long as it lasts! Crossing our fingers that it goes on 'till the New Year...

And now, the EPIC fail... 

The last shirt I made for Ward had a very Taylor Lautner-effect where this shirt has an Adam Sandler-effect. Not exactly what I was aiming for...

It's the same pattern as the first shirt I made for my HB, so I know there is nothing wrong with that side of this creation, it is the fabric.
In the store, I didn't notice anything wrong with it, but as soon as I got it out to start cutting I knew something was off. Let me explain: it's spongy and it stretches. And not in a good way like this fellow.

 I know what you're thinking, there is nothing good about this fellow - especially his laughter causes my ears to bleed everytime I hear it - but then I read a blogpost about Spongebob's redeeming qualities. I still won't watch the show without bleeding ears, but it was a nice read.

Anyway back to the shirt...

I hate it and my machine hates it. Remember a few months ago when she broke down? This is the shirt that was responsible for that...
Buttonholes on this shirt didn't work either, so I put on snaps. The last two are not placed correctly but because we hate this shirt, we're not changing that... It won't be worn anyway.

My husband hates it too. It looks awful and weighs too much to be comfortable. Oh, and have I said it, it's UGLY! But at least he now has a shirt to put on if we ever get invited to an 'Ugliest Shirt.Ever-Party'. Besides, he chose the fabric, so we can all agree no blame is to be put on me...

Behold the evidence of the horribleness...

I guess you can't win 'em all...

Do you guys have things you made that you hate?

6 comentarios:

  1. Bueno, bueno....La primera es preciosa y además le sienta de maravilla. Vale: La segunda es rara...pero yo creo que se la puede poner, jolín, tampoco es fea!
    Me ha impresionado lo bien que está hecha. Estás de lo más profesional.
    Ah! Y tambien me impresiona mucho que tu marido cocine y haga la colada...que lujo!

  2. The plaid shirt is lovely and your husband looks great in it... but I am afraid I am not going to offer platitudes about the second one; I have to totally agree with your assessment there!
    On the disappointing makes, I was given some silky charmeuse last year with a funky retro print in lovely shades of brown and orange. I loved that fabric (though I'm not usually a shiny, slippery kind of a gal) and it cried out - or so I thought - to be made into a wrap dress. Not good - it is just so unflattering, and it won't stay wrapped, even if I wanted it to. I still have it and occasionally look at it to see if it can be saved, but I have not yet managed to work out how.

  3. Thanks! I hope you and your silky charmeuse manage to work thing out!

  4. Gracias! La segunda es mucho más fea en realidad que en estas fotos... Sería para ponersela por una fiesta de disfraz o algo asi... Y hombres como mi marido, no se han hecho muchos, tengo mucha suerte!

  5. The plaid shirt did turn out absolutely fantastic; you two are obviously a good team!

  6. Thanks Caroline! I like to think that we are pretty in sync... ;-)